What Our Clients Say

My fiancé and I were looking at purchasing a home. After Paul’s thorough inspection we realized that our dream home was more of a fixer upper then we wanted. He showed us potential problems that we would have never noticed, until it was too late. We would definitely hire Paul again.

Shawn U, Beaumont Alberta

I hired Paul to inspect a house for my daughter. He was very professional and took extra time to explain in detail to us some problems that would need to be addressed in the near future . After receiving the inspection report the next morning, we were able to renegotiate the price to help pay for some of the work.

Thank You

Randy M, Edmonton Alberta

We hired Paul to do an inspection on our new home before the possession date. We were able to add some deficiencies to our PDI list that we never noticed, and everything was looked after by our builder prior to moving in. Excellent service.


Laurie H, Spruce Grove Alberta

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