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All Inspections include Thermal Imaging (Infra-red) readings.

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What The Inspection Includes

  1. Roofing: Roofing material, flashings, gutters and downspouts
  2. Exterior: Siding/trims, windows/doors, driveway, sidewalks, grading, fencing, decks, overhangs, Etc.
  3. Structure: Foundations inside and out of house where visible and framing.
  4. Electrical: Test outlets for correct polarity, switches, GFI’S, wiring where visible and electrical panel.
  5. Heating: Furnace, hot water tank, A/C, registers, cold air returns.
  6. Plumbing: All water service lines, shut-offs, all drain lines, fixtures including sinks, tubs/showers, faucets, toilets.
  7. Insulation: Attic, walls and ceilings where visible.
  8. Interior: Doors, windows, floors, appliances, walls, Etc.
  9. All Inspections include Thermal Imaging (Infra-red) readings.

What Is Not Included

Your Inspection Report:

  1. Is not a guarantee, or warrant against future conditions.
  2. Is not a technically exhaustive engineering or architectural analysis.
  3. Does not include elements that are not permanent parts of the house, for example, window air conditioners, security systems, roof top antenna, or swimming pools and other out buildings.
  4. A Property Inspector is not permitted to take any steps that are destructive, such as open up walls to investigate what is behind them.
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