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As first time home buyers there are times you should spend a little bit more for quality service to ensure that you are getting the best value possible for your largest purchase of your lifetime. I feel when it comes to the largest purchase of your life a great home inspection is a very good investment, not a cost. At an average cost per home around the $450 depending on size and age, it takes a trained eye to be able to see and know the problems that can exist in a house. This can also give the first-time buyer a bit of schooling on the house and how to maintain it. While we all look at cosmetic appearances of a place there is a lot of structural components to a house, which is where a great home inspector comes into play. I allow extra time at the property to answer any questions at the time, and also after you have received your report.

Includes an extensive Inspection, easy to read report and extra time to review the report with client.

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