Pre-Sale Homeowners

Pre-Sale Homeowners Inspections

Home inspections aren’t just for home buyers. Home sellers also gain peace of mind by investing in a thorough certified home inspection prior to putting a house up for sale. The last minute discovery of problems by a prospective buyer can lead to delays, added expenses and can even derail a deal altogether. Your best solution as a home seller is to have a thorough certified inspection done prior to putting the house on the market. This allows you to take care of issues with the building before they become a problem in negotiating a deal. A certified home inspection can facilitate a faster sale for more money, also giving you the chance to address them now with competitive pricing instead of over-inflated buyer procured estimates. The Inspection Report will also be beneficial to your Realtor at the time of listing to set an accurate price and advise you on what to work on to improve the home’s appeal. There will be less surprises, less stress and a better ideal for full disclosure. A good article to read is “ Pre-Inspected Listings “, which you can find on my home page near the bottom.

Includes an extensive Inspection, easy to read report mentioning possible recommendations so you can get the best possible price and a faster sale.

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